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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there really an existing market or oppourtunity for blockchain based games to thrive in Africa?

    Yes, a large number of people in Africa own smartphones. Africa has the highest mobile penetration rate in the world. Using games to deliver blockchain to the masses in Africa is the best option. Almost every youth in Nigeria where our head office would be located gamble one way or the other.

  • What about those without a bank account. What about those without a smartphone?

    KUDI Games is our strategy to get the masses who own a smartphone in Africa. KUDI Games would allow for good cryptocurrency token velocity in Africa, that is with KUDI Games, a lot of people would be buying cryptos for more than just speculative reasons. On a broader view, our goal as Blockchain4Africa is to be an alternative financial ecosystem even for the unbanked. Blockchain4Africa has several other products that would attend to the unbanked (KUDI Ecosystem). Also, KUDI Games would have local physical gaming stations to cater for those without smartphones and to facilitate blockchain based e-sports.

  • How decentralized are the Games in the KUDI Games ecosystem?

    All of the games in the KUDI Ecosystem would be mobile games to start with and built based on the unity framework. Gaming competitions would be conducted in a decentralised manner on the Tron blockchain. Completely decentralised games would be built in the nearest future as part of our ecosystem products.

  • Is KUDI Token an utility token?

    KUDI is strictly a utility token, allowing its holders to access goods, in-app and in-game functionalities within the KUDI Ecosystem. The token does not represent ownership, profit participation or allow for other value added mechanisms. Purchasers of KUDI tokens should do so with the intention of utilizing them within KUDI Ecosystem products. Although we are going to be remitting 01% of all revenues collected from competitions and matches on our Games to Sesameseed contributors.

  • Do you intend to be compliant with gambling and gaming laws and regulations in your target location?

    Yes, we actually intend on being compliant with any regulations in our target countries. However, our games are decentralised and are therefore not limited to the citizens of those countries. If you play any of our games you hereby understand the risk involved and you also understand how the cryptocurrency market works.

Decentralized games targeted at introducing the concepts of cryptpcurrencies & blockchain technology to the youths in Africa through gaming